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03 May 2014 Who We Are


The name Hidalgo was taken in honor of Don Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, national hero and dignitary of the War of Independence of Mexico which took place in 1810.

How and Why the Organization Was Formed

In 1979 Sociedad Hidalgo was incorporated in Kansas and Missouri as a 501C(3) cultural non-profit organization of the Kansas City metropolitan área. The formation of this society came about as a result of the desire of a group of people - Mexicans and persons of Mexican descent, along with other local residents - to get together to maintain the social and cultural link with Mexico via various presentations and activities.

Within a short period of time the idea expanded to promote and share the culture and traditions of Mexico with the community in general. At the time, Sociedad Hidalgo was the only organization of its type in Kansas City, and this attracted other Hispanic Americans who soon joined.

Thus, the current Mission of Sociedad Hidalgo is to promote not only the artistic, cultural and historical aspects of Mexico, but also those of other Spanish-speaking countries represented by our members.